Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Within the last 2 weeks I have been informed by the Peace Corps that I will be stationed in Guyana!  For those of you who don't know where that is, do not feel foolish, because most people from the US have no clue!  So let me start with, Guyana is located at the top of South America, it is north of Brazil, East of Venezuela and west of Suriname.  To the north is the Atlantic Ocean and the country is largely made of dense Rain Forest and rivers from what I have read or assumed by looking at maps!  I leave for Guyana, February 22nd, which means from here to then I have to rid myself of all material items that I can't fly with me!  So no more, Xbox360, TV, Desktop, car, winter clothes and whatever else I can't think of right now!  February, 2008 will probably be the last time in 2 years that I see snow, which is okay with me right now because I have lived in Alaska the past 4 years!  Soooo I am more than willing to embrace the warm, humid tropical weather, at least until I see a nest of scorpions fighting gigantic spiders outside my mosquito netted bed!  Until then, yeaaaa warm hot weather!  That's all for now,

Dave Welanko 

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