Sunday, February 15, 2009

Goodbye Alaska

When I moved to Alaska I made the decision one day in the summer of '05 coming home from work, it wasn't something I gave much thought to.  I made up my mind and that was that!  The next day at work I put in my 2 weeks and shortly after my last day, hit the road.  I proceeded to enjoy the next 4 years of my intensely living in Anchorage, Alaska.  During my time there I got to see many beautiful things and learned the difference between cold and, "My God Its Cold." Most importantly, any chump can endure the cold, but the only when a chump is surrounded by great people and welcoming friends can he survive the, "My God its Cold!" and all the darkness in the winter.  Rarely did I ever find myself homesick in Alaska because there was always a welcoming family willing to take me in for the holidays or sometimes just because.  I am still in disbelief that I have left, maybe that is a good sign that I will return because when I said goodbye to people it felt as if I would be seeing them the next week instead of what I was telling people, "ummmm, maybe in 2 years?"  I have never befriended so many great people as the time I spent in Alaska.  If anyone reading this has ever wanted to go, I encourage you greatly, but don't just go and do the tourist thing where you get shuffled around like cattle from site to site.  Let yourself get to know the people, try going for a month, but be careful, if you stay there to long you might find yourself not wanting to leave!


..Ang.. said...

I have always been intrigued by Alaska... it seems so far away and disconnected from the Continental states... It's on my list of places to "be."

PS: I get to meet you soon!!

Joni Matthews said...

Good luck Dave! Don't forget to skype soon.

P.S. Don't forget... orange chicken and cranberry margarita's await you!

Anonymous said...

Well, David, while you certainly were eloquent in your describing the enchanting nature of the Great White North and its inhabitants, I unapologetically want to announce that the feeling is not at all mutual. That "whooshing" noise you heard as your plane ascended into the sky, wasnt the jet-engines. It was the entire state breathing a collective sigh of relief at your departure.

On behalf of Alaska and all of its residents, we declare, "Good Riddance". We're not necessarily wishing you well -- we're just hoping you dont screw the Peace Corps situation up so bad that they send you back here.

Nah mek meh see yuh back here.
Yah understand wah meh ah seh, antiman?

Lindsay Lu Hoo said...

I'm just impressed you survived...I hate to be cold, so I'm sure I'll love the heat, but I've always had a desire to see Alaska....just in the summer and sunny days instead. haha.

Can't wait to meet you... hope you'll survive the heat!

Erin said...

It does sort of stick with you doesn't it? I think it's the only "place" I have an attachment to. And I miss you in an Alaskan size way. That's big. Cuz you're a big deal. But I would never say that to you in person. Wouldn't want to see it get to your head.