Saturday, March 21, 2009

Okay so on my last post I had promised some sex slang words and I am here to deliver.  There are some sex slang, and some other slang and phrases as well.  Hopefully this can change the pace of my Blog and really throw some humor into it.  Feel free to practice these or throw them into your daily life back in the states.


Slang for Vagina:  Punnanie, Puss, Pokey, Patacaka, Pum-pum and Sugar Bowl


Penis:  Anaconda (big), Tickla (small), Gristle, Sword, Babies Foot (also kind of small), Donkey and my favorite, Rod of Correction


Testicles:  Balls, Seeds, Goady and hydrocele


Buttocks: Beetee, Bamsie, batty.  Also if you are gay you are a batty-boy meaning butt boy


Breasts:  Bubby


Sex:  Fling Up, wuk up/out, rammin, jamming, jukin, juk, Fuck, whinings, sweetness, bump and grind, ridin, climbin de wells


Oral Sex Men:  Blow Job, Singing over da Mike

Oral Sex Women: Tak’n meals under the table, Polishing de door knob, Eat’n under da 2 ft table


Premature Ejaculation:  You break to quick


Pooping: Kunksie, Mess, Pass Motion


Diarrhea: Shittings, Operations, Loose Motions, Runnings


If you smell some one might say you have HBO, High Body Order or a kid may ask you, “Sir, your Perfume Done?”


Saying hello generally goes at follows, “Marning, Good Afternoon, Good Night (not good evening, which was confusing the first night because I wasn’t sure if people were leaving or coming but it is meant for both hello and goodbye) also, “How Ya Do?”  In which the common response is Alright, Okay of Fine, Fine.  Oh and my favorite, “Atcha!”  But it is much cooler when I get yelled at, “White Buy Atcha!”  And yes Boy is pronounced Buy or Biay here so that isn’t a typo.


Well I hope everybody had a good laugh, learning a different language  can be difficult be thankfully each culture has the slang/bad words that make it fun to learn!


Nathan and Maggy said...

Hey sugar bowl! Lets see some pics of Guyana. I really want to see one of the new Guyanese girlfriend you were telling me about!!

Anonymous said...

Hey you little sliuut! Sounds like you are having a good and eventful time. I totally know the feeling. It made me think of my travels. I agree w/ nathon, lets see some pics. And no, no marriage proposals were given in disneyworld, don't be crazy. Peace up your crease!