Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Updates

Hello world! On my last post I wrote how although the posts were written on different dates that they were posted on the same day and well the same goes here! But I found out where I am getting placed and the good news is that was one of my top sites! “So Dave, where are they placing you?” You might be asking and to answer the question is that I can’t tell. Despite the many people who might have no care in the world where I might be, I still can’t advertise to the world wide web where I will am! I will tell you this though, it is somewhere in Guyana…. That’s all.

You might wondering what I will be doing, and I will tell you that I will be helping out teaching literacy to 16-25 year olds and hopefully working for a couple of NGO’s. That is Non-Government-Organization for those of you out of the loop, which is most. On another note, I haven’t had a cell phone for 2 months and it was a great feeling but that is shortly to come to an end and I will be getting a Guyanese Cell Phone. This means that it is free for me, you all who want to call me, and of course it will cost whoever calls me. Also, I can send text messages but I think you can only text me back if you have AT&T but not sure. So I don’t think that this has been too entertaining of a post because I am happy with my selection and have no real venting to do or at least any that I want to do in front of the entire world but have no fear I came up with an alternate plan.

Here in Guyana, water heaters are rare. Hell to be honest, showers are rare too but having a water heater is almost unheard of. Many people here take what they call bucket showers and have a shower type place where they do so. Now the point I am getting to here is that unless your water tank is directly under the sun, and you take a shower during the hot afternoon, the water temp is always somewhere between cold and lukewarm/not-so-cold. Well I want to make some lemonade Damn it! So here it is:

Advantages for taking cold showers

  1. You spend much less time in the shower when the water is cold so it takes less time to get ready.
  2. When you get out of the shower and have to get ready, you never have to wait for the steam to dry off the mirror!
  3. You know how it sucks when someone flushes the toilet, runs the dishwasher/washing machine while you are taking the shower and all goes to really hot/cold hell water…No water heater, no problem!
  4. If I had more cold showers in Middle/High School, I probably could had done a lot more productive things with my time…
  5. Currently as a PCV long out of high school, the cold shower is letting me be much more productive with my time!
  6. The cold shower gives you a much better appreciation for things you have at home.
  7. Because your showers are shorter, you are saving water and therefore doing your part to help save the world by taking cold showers.
  8. It really helps you work on controlling your breathing because sometimes when the water is cold you kind of hyperventilate but if you can get it under control you kind of have a mental transformation, some Buddha like stuff so yea, cold showers can be enlightening.
  9. The cold water wakes you up therefore you don’t really need that cup of coffee in the morning.
  10. If you are drinking less coffee in the morning, that means you are saving coffee, which means you will need to buy less which means you are saving money! Cold Showers make you thrifty. (Although not really for me because I don’t drink coffee.)


Anonymous said...

Cold showers also help your circulation and I'm sure when you get out of the shower you don't feel cold anymore, like the opposite in AK! Congrats on getting one of your top sites! Miss you!


Erin said...

Yay for getting what you want. Less hate, hate, hate is always a good thing. ;)

I can tell being in Guyana has not deteriorated you sense of humor. That's refreshing.

Mom said...

Thanks for sharing. We will be lookng for updates. The boys can use your blogs in the classroom.