Saturday, April 18, 2009

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I have been pretty busy as of late so that is why this post is a double update! The last entry, although put in the same day, was written about 2-3 weeks previous to what you are currently reading. Of course this will only be confusing if you are reading this update freshly after it has been posted. Furthermore, I know a lot of smart people, and they can probably figure it out themselves so I guess I am explaining this to all you dummies out there. The reason for the double post is because the past 2 weeks we have been trying to figure out what sites would best suite us. It is a great privilege to be able to pick our sites but every pro has a con and this is no difference. There are 32 sites available and 32 PCT’s or at least that is what they originally told us! On paper some sound like great sites and perfect matches and of course some don’t seem like they are in anyway combatable. One of the biggest problems is that there are a handful of sites that seem like gems to many. This means that many people will be disappointed. Will Dave be disappointed? I don’t know yet, but it should make a pretty entertaining next post either way. This past weekend was Easter weekend and after 11 days straight of training in a row it was a much needed 4 day weekend. On Friday the group of us went to a lake and completely unwound. Some people unwounded so much I think they wounded themselves up the other way plenty twisted but it was all in good fun and we had a blast! The next 3 days painting. About a month ago I raised money among my fellow Guy21 trainees for my host mother’s gym. Carrying on, I successfully raised the money for the paint and supplies and what I thought would be a 1-maybe 2-day project turned out to take 4 days! And the number of PCT’s that we had the first day obviously dwindled day by day but all the help was definitely appreciated and we got the job done! I can’t put any pics of the gym as of yet but maybe soon, it all depends on where I end up for my permanent site. Oh and I should mention that Easter Sunday isn’t really celebrated here. Here in Guyana they celebrate on Monday and they do so but flying kites. Kids of all ages and even some adults spend the previous 1-2 weeks making all sorts of kites and they tend to be quite impressive! Well I think that is about it, everybody is kind of nervous and trying not to hate everyone else who has the possibility of getting their top site over them. Of course I am not worried at all, if I don’t get one of my top preferred sites my solution will be as such: Hate, hate, hate, hate! My last roommate was a professional hater and taught me well so I am ready but haven’t started yet to hate, hate, hate, hate. Just kidding you guys, but no, seriously, hate, hate, hate, hate! I have been gossip queen the past 2 months just so I can destroy dreams! Again just kidding, and I have no worries about where I will end up getting placed, it is nice to be have input on where I will get placed but I didn’t come here to quit so wherever they choose to put me I will just have to make the best out of. I do feel some of the others worry or nervousness is shaking my ground but just a little so please stay tuned and I will tell you if I got one of my top sites! I can’t tell you where the site is but I can tell you whether or not a like that site that is somewhere in Guyana! Adios and see you here soon on my next post!

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Nathan and Maggy said...

Its the Peace Corps Dave, not Survivor-Guyana! Gossiping and spreading rumors to set yourself up nice! HAHAHA!